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What recipients of healing are saying...

“Inner healing ministry has taken me spiritually where Bible intake and traditional counseling simply could not. As a pastor, I whole-heartedly affirm the dire need for solid Bible teaching and other conventional spiritual disciplines, but I now see inner healing as an incredibly valuable aspect of the sanctification journey. Through inner healing, I have come to truly know God as Father, to recognize the voice of my Shepherd, and to appreciate more dearly the ministry of the Holy Spirit.” GMC 


"In memory after memory, God revealed Himself and His Truth against every lie I believed in those places. Life began to flow in. Light began to glimmer. There were more and more periods of peace and buoyancy in my life. Over time the periods of peace lasted longer, as God put the pieces of my soul back together. The truths that God revealed in those sessions have not left me eight years later.” C 


"The wound for me was the absence of affirmation, and this showed up in many ways in my life. I could tell myself scripture to the contrary but the part of me that was carrying that pain felt shamed sadness and hopeless despair….I experienced the Lord actually come to that part of me in a session. He did many things: He spoke truth…He showed me His perspective, and He let me experience His joy for me. It was very deep.” KP 


"It is likely that I would be in a mental hospital somewhere now but for the grace of Jesus and His inner healing of the lies I believed about myself and my life. He exchanged them for His truth about me, that I am his beloved and valued child and that He has a good plan for my life.” JD 


"I had experienced several traumatic events during my life. But over the years I learned to repress the painful memories. In order to survive, I built a firewall around myself….My memories will always be with me, but the way I experience them has changed. They no longer hold me hostage. My relationship with Jesus has changed completely since I have experienced inner healing. He no longer seems remote and abstract to me. He is my companion and my friend. I can feel his presence. He is the LIVING God.” AK 


"What really blew me away about inner healing was that God speaks at all. I didn’t believe in that and I didn’t trust most people that said they did. But I have no doubt that He spoke to me personally about me and it changed my relationship with Him and the way I practice my faith.” JC

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